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Woman offered taco as compensation after being raped by police dispatcher in jail

By Mason White 11:57 AM June 13, 2016
Felipe Santiago Peralez 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A woman filed a lawsuit against a city in Texas, after being raped inside a jail by a police dispatcher, according to court documents.

The woman, who was not identified, was arrested for violating her probation, and was placed in the La Joya City Jail.

While she was being held in a cell, a dispatcher with the La Joya Police Department sexually assaulted her for hours.

24-year-old Felipe Santiago Peralez entered the woman’s cell and promised that he would make things right for her before the sexual assault began.

The woman told two female officers about the rape, but no one took her to the hospital for an examination, which is required in the state.

The following day, Lieutenant Ramon Gonzalez reviewed the video surveillance of the cell, and then offered the woman a taco.

Her request for medical care was denied and she was released to police officer Elizabeth Garza. While Garza was transporting the woman to her arraignment, she told the officer that she was raped.

Garza advised her that she should forget all about the incident and move on with life because people disappear all the time.

Peralez resigned from the police department after the incident.

Peralez was then arrested and charged with three counts of violating the woman’s civil rights and one count of official oppression.

He was sentenced to 180 days in state prison and 30 days in a county jail after pleading guilty to official oppression and civil rights charges.

In the lawsuit, the woman is seeking $70 million for damages.