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Female store owner grabs gun from robber thinking it was fake before she fired a shot

By Mason White 11:47 AM June 14, 2016
Keqiu Wang taking the gun from Jabri Brown 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A woman was angry when an armed robber walked into her store.

She decided to take the gun away from him, thinking it was fake.

However, she soon learned that it was a real gun when she fired a shot.

Keqiu Wang opened the Crazy Wings restaurant last year with her husband in Norfolk, Virginia.

Wang was behind the counter when an armed robber in a hoodie came inside and pointed a gun at her, demanding all the money from the cash register.

Wang said that she thought the gun was fake as it looked old and because the thief did had not bothered to hide his face.

Wang refused to open the register. She fought with him, and grabbed hold of the gun. She fought with the thief for a short time before her husband, Lin Jiamde, rushed from the kitchen with a knife to help his wife.

While they were fighting over the gun, the husband stabbed the robber, and he was left with two deep cuts on the shoulder before fleeing the restaurant.

Now in possession of the gun, Wang decided to see if it was fake. She pointed it at the floor behind the cash register and pulled the trigger.

The surveillance camera catches her puzzled look after the firearm actually went off.

Police found 19-year-old Jabri Brown down the street with cuts to his shoulder. He was taken to a hospital before being arrested on charges robbery, attempted robbery and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony.

Wang said that she and her husband are trying to move past the incident. She said that she feels bad for the thief as he is just a teenager.

“I hope he can change. I hope he does not do it anymore,” she said.