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Homeowner finds fox inside his dishwasher loaded with dirty dishes

By Mason White 2:20 AM June 15, 2016
Fox in dishwasher 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A veterinarian in the United Kingdom, was shocked to find a fox inside his dishwasher among his dirty dishes.

45-year-old Simon Hayes of London, said that he was loading dirty dishes into this dishwasher when he got distracted with something else for a few minutes.

When he returned, he saw the confused fox sitting among the dirty dishes. Dr. Hayes, who is a veterinarian, said that he left the back door of his apartment open because it was a warm night.

The fox was very small, and was surprised when it saw Hayes in the kitchen. Hayes moved out the bottom rack to allow the fox to find its own way out, but it stayed where it was.

Hayes, who is not afraid of animals, tried to guide the fox out, but it refused to move. Dr. Hayes then took a broom to gently push the animal out of his apartment.

The fox’s mother could be heard crying in the yard as it was happy to be reunited with its lost loved one.