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Video captures moment motorcycle drives down street on its own after driver was knocked off it by passing car

By Mason White 2:19 AM June 15, 2016
Motorcycle (illustration) 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A motorcycle in the United Kingdom, managed to drive down an entire street on its own until it crashed into a garbage in after the driver was knocked off it by a passing car, according to a video that was uploaded to the Internet.

The incident unfolded in Newport, on Wednesday around 4:00 p.m.

Mike Collins, who recorded the incident, said that the driver of the motorcycle was hit by a car on High Street, as he tried to squeeze through two vehicles.

As a result of the impact, the driver fell to the ground, but the motorcycle was not ready to quit so fast. The motorcycle continued down the street, while the driver chased his bike down the road.

Luckily, he did not suffer any injuries. The bike is then seen on video crashing directly into a trash can before hitting the ground with a thud.

The driver of the car and the rider of the motorcycle agreed not to get the police involved and they both left the scene.