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Small boy driving electric car tows his father on chair from behind

By Mason White 10:43 AM June 15, 2016
Son drives his father 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) People in the United Kingdom, were surprised to see a young boy driving a small red car, which was pulling his father from behind.

The father of Sussex, was seen sitting on a chair on top of a small trailer behind the electric car.

The father was seen pushing the button at a crosswalk before the son began crossing a busy street with his father tagging along from behind.

Wayne Nuttall, 47, took a video of the incident and posted it to Facebook. He wrote: “I thought it was a very funny moment.”

After the video went viral, Nuttall, who is a train ticket inspector, added: “I put the video on Facebook and joked that the boy was probably taking his father home from the pub.”

However, Nuttall later learned that the father and son had been returning home from a carnival.

Nikki Hall commented on the video and said that she saw the father and son at the carnival, and she pointed out that “the father was actually in control of the electric car via remote control.”

People said that the car was based on a mobility scooter that was converted into this unique riding toy.

Another person commented and said that “in the video you can see that the father has a remote control in his hand and he is controlling the car.”