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Man drives his car into bay before getting naked and going to sleep in woman’s bed

By Mason White 3:47 PM June 15, 2016
Car in water (illustration) 

By: Chan Yuan
A woman in Florida, is angry after police told her that they will not file any charges against the man who went to sleep in her bed without any clothes on.

Fort Walton Beach Police officers were in the woman’s home when the man identified as Joe, walked into the kitchen totally naked and wrapped in the homeowner’s towel.

He told police that his name is Joe, and he had no idea how he ended up in the woman’s bed. He also told police that he cannot find his car, which officers later found in the Choctawhatchee Bay.

A neighbor spotted Joe’s clothes drying on a fence outside of the home.

According to the police investigation, Joe had been out drinking with his friends on Sunday night, celebrating the Stanley Cup win of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Joe’s girlfriend called police to file a missing person report when he did not return home.

Police said that they do not believe any criminal charges would stick as there were no signs of forced entry and nothing was taken from the house.

It is not known whether Joe was drunk when he drove his car into the bay.