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McDonald’s giving away free six-pack beer to celebrate Euro Soccer Championships

By Mason White 8:42 AM June 16, 2016
Ottakringer beer with McDonald’s burger 

By: Chan Yuan
Soccer fans in Austria, are flocking to McDonald’s after the company announced that it will be giving away free six-pack beer.

McDonald’s is currently handing out free Ottakringer beer, which contains 5.2 percent alcohol, for soccer fans who can’t be in France right now for the Euro Soccer Championships.

France is currently hosting the 2016 Euro Soccer Championships. Consumers who order food for 20 Euros ($22) or higher, will get a free six-pack of beer.

It is a limited offer in cooperation with the food delivery service

Alcohol has been on the McDonald’s menu for some time now in select European countries including France, Germany, Austria and Portugal, but this is the first time that company is giving away some for free.