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39-year-old woman dresses as her elderly mother and takes driving test for her

By Mason White 4:20 PM June 16, 2016
Steering wheel (illustration) 

By: Chan Yuan
A woman of Canada, was arrested after it was discovered that she took a driving test instead of her mother.

The Ottawa woman faces criminal charges after police said that she dressed like her elderly mother and took a test for her.

A driving instructor for the DriveTest center became suspicious of the woman who arrived to take a driving test, according to Sgt. Rick Labelle of the Smiths Falls Police Service.

The driving instructor said that a 73-year-old woman was supposed to take the test, but the person who showed up with a wig, glasses and “the right clothes for an older person” appeared to be younger, Labelle said.

The driving instructor told his supervisor about his suspicions. He then went outside to carry out the driving test.

Meanwhile, the supervisor called police. An officer was waiting in the center and questioned the woman when the test was over.

Police learned that the woman taking the test was the elderly woman’s 39-year-old daughter.

The woman told police that she took the driving test on behalf of her mother “because her mother was nervous about taking the test,” according to Labelle.

She said that she was trying to do her mother a favor so she could have her driver’s license extended, police said.

The woman was arrested and charged with one count of impersonating an adult.

Police said that the mother can come in to take the test, but instructors will make sure that it is her and not someone else on her behalf.