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Husband sells wife’s belongings on eBay after she ran away with personal trainer and will spend the money on prostitutes

By Mason White 7:08 AM June 17, 2016
The husband and wife 

By: Chan Yuan
A man of the United Kingdom, has put up for sale all of his wife’s belongings on eBay, because she ran away with her personal trainer.

The man who identified himself on the Internet as Calibrasteve, said that he is even selling his wife’s convertible Smart car as he does not fit in it due to his weight.

So far, the bidding his reached 1,400 pounds ($1,987).

In the eBay listing, the broken-hearted husband wrote that his wife left him for her personal trainer who looks like Beppe from Eastenders.

The seller of Bridgnorth, promised to use the proceeds of the sale for a big party to help him forget about the woman who broke his heart.

Calibrasteve noted that he bought the Smart car as a gift for his wife, but she never liked it.

He revealed that he hates the car almost as much as he hates his wife because he is six feet tall and weighs more than 400 pounds.

He cannot drive the car because his body would not fit inside.

He then explains how he plans to use the money for the services of prostitutes and drink enough scotch to fall into a coma.