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Man gets kicked out of his apartment for vacuuming 5 hours a day for 28 years

By Mason White 4:29 AM June 17, 2016
Vacuum cleaner (illustration) 

By: Wayne Morin
A court in Sweden, gave permission for a landlord to evict his tenant after neighbors complained that he was vacuuming for up to 5 hours every day.

The elderly man of Linkoping, annoyed his neighbors by vacuuming many hours each day and washing his laundry in the nude for 28 years.

Neighbors told the court that the man, who was not identified, vacuumed his studio apartment for two to five hours at a time, and often left the machine running on his balcony.

He also played very loud music to drown out the sound of his own vacuum cleaner. The tenant was also accused of walking around naked in the public laundry room.

The landlord told the court that his tenant damaged the apartment by showering very often, causing water to continually flood his home.

Finally, after 28 years, the court has given the landlord permission to evict the man. The tenant vowed to appeal the decision, and he denied all the allegations.