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People use rock to smash window of very hot car to free small sweaty dog

By Mason White 11:31 AM June 17, 2016
The dog being rescued 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) People in Canada, took video of a dog’s rescue from a very hot car.

Passersby saw a small dog sitting on the dashboard of the car.

The dog was sweating and was in bad condition. Good Samaritans decided to smash the window of the car to rescue the small white dog.

It took them about 20 minutes to successfully break the window and free the dog. The dog was given water and seemed to be very happy after being rescued.

The dog was seen jumping around and licking people who saved its life.

Police were called and they waited for the car owner to return. A couple of Grand Bend, Ontario, arrived to the car 50 minutes after the dog was rescued.

The couple seemed confused as to what was going on around their car, but they were soon left embarrassed when police ordered them to come to the police station.

The couple was questioned by police on allegations of animal abuse.

Will Costa said that he shared the video on Facebook to raise awareness of the dangers of leaving animals alone in hot cars.