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Police officer slashes his wrists after being caught having sex with friend’s 14-year-old daughter

By Mason White 8:36 AM June 17, 2016
Jessie Laconsay 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A Honolulu, Hawaii, police officer was arrested on allegations that he raped the 14-year-old daughter of his good friend.

Officer Jessie Laconsay was charged with four counts of first-degree sexual assault and two counts of third-degree sexual assault of a minor.

The charges came after the mother of the girl found them having sex, according to a police affidavit for an arrest warrant.

The girl told her mother that she also had sex with the officer before, but Laconsay denied the claim.

After he was caught in the act, Laconsay began yelling and crying, and he fled with his police car.

The mother of the 14-year-old victim called police, but they were unable to locate Laconsay. Police officers launched a search for their coworker.

Laconsay was found hours later parked at the side of the road with cuts on his wrists.

Officers said that while Laconsay was being treated, he kept saying “I am sorry for letting us down.”

Laconsay was taken to a hospital for treatment before being released to police. He is being held on $500,000 bail.

The officer was suspended from his job without pay.