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Police find stolen jewelry hidden in man’s rear end after they noticed him walking awkwardly

By Mason White 3:37 PM June 19, 2016
Jewelry (illustration) 

By: Wayne Morin
A thief was caught with stolen jewelry hidden in his rear end, according to police in Turkey.

The jewelry thief was arrested in Konya, after stolen rings and necklaces were found in the rectum during an X-ray, police said.

Police who were investigating the robbery, spotted the suspect who was identified as 24-year-old O.A. Police said that he aroused suspicion because he was walking awkwardly.

The suspect was taken to a hospital to be examined by an X-ray technician who found several objects in the rear end.

Police said that they recovered several pieces of jewelry, including two gold rings, four gold earrings and two gold necklaces.

In an amazing coincidence, these objects belonged to the family of the technician. The jewelry was handed over to police while they continue their investigation.

Police arrested the suspect, who they believe was involved in two robberies in the same neighborhood. A second suspect, who is believed to be an accomplice, was also arrested.