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Woman grabs police officer’s baton and hits him over the head with it while resisting arrest

By Mason White 4:56 PM June 19, 2016
The woman fighting with the officer 

By: Tanya Malhotra
People took video of a woman who became violent, while a police officer tried to arrest her.

The graphic video that was uploaded to the Internet, shows the police officer beating the woman of Newark, New Jersey. The officer was struggling to get the woman under his control.

While she was down on the ground, the woman managed to place her hand behind the officer and she grabbed his baton.

The officer quickly called for backup.

The woman then got up and began hitting the officer over the head about three times, before he managed to wrestle the baton away from her.

People were heard screaming and they recorded the incident, but nobody came to the officer’s defense. When another officer finally arrived, he Tasered the woman, and she fell to the ground.

While she was placed in handcuffs, the officer was seen standing on the side and wringing in pain. In the video, the officer was seen with blood on his hand. It is not clear what injuries the officer suffered from the beating.