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14-year-old boy kills himself by stepping in front of a speeding train after classmates learned he had sex with a girl

By Mason White 5:50 PM June 20, 2016
Matthew Brittan 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A young boy walked in front of a speeding train in order to kill himself because his classmates learned that he had sex with a girl he knew, according to police in the United Kingdom.

14-year-old Matthew Brittan of Somerset, was walking home from school when he walked in front of the speeding train because he wanted to end his life.

A court was told that the conductor of the train honked the horn several times, but it was too late to stop and Matthew died of multiple injuries.

Brittan attended the Worle Community School, where he was the focus of unwanted attention after he and a female friend had sex and the news spread among students.

Brittan did not suffer from mental illness, self-harm, drugs or alcohol.

Brittan’s mother, Fiona Sibley, was shocked to learn that her son walked in front of a train, as he told her that he will see her later.