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Farmer offered cash for weird pig born with two heads and three eyes

By Mason White 5:48 PM June 20, 2016
Pig with two heads and three eyes 

By: Feng Qian
A farmer in China, revealed that he was excited with the birth of a weird pig that sports two heads and three eyes.

Zhong Guoyuan of Luzhou, said that the weird pig was among 13 pigs born on his farm earlier this month.

Residents of the surrounding areas flocked to the farm to see the pig with two heads, three eyes, two noses and two mouths.

Guoyuan said he adopted the mother pig three years ago. He fed the animal grass, and did not give it anything extra when it was pregnant.

This week, a man offered him 2,000 yuan ($303) for the weird pig, but he rejected the offer, saying that his son wants to keep the pig for himself.

Guoyuan said that he has not noticed anything strange before the mother pig gave birth to the piglets. The weird pig has four legs, and seems to be able to eat and breathe as any other pig.

He is unable to explain the strange third eye in the center of both heads. Unfortunately, one of the 13 pigs died shortly after birth.