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Homeless man fatally stabs 17-year-old boy for giving him just $2 donation

By Mason White 3:37 PM June 20, 2016
Carl Ducasse 

By: Tanya Malhotra
Police are looking to arrest a homeless man on a charge of murder after allegedly killing a teenager who gave him a $2 donation because it wasn’t enough, according to police in New York.

The New York Police Department said that 17-year-old Carl Ducasse of the Bronx, has been stabbed in the chest after telling the homeless man that he does not have more than $2.

The incident unfolded on Friday night, at the intersection of East 175th St. and Walton Avenue, as Ducasse was on his way to a grocery store to purchase food.

A witness at the scene said that the homeless man approached the victim and asked him for money.

An argument broke out between the teen and the beggar when the homeless man wanted more than the $2 that Ducasse gave him.

During the argument, the teen’s cellphone fell down on the floor. As Ducasse bent over to pick up the phone, he was stabbed several times in the chest.

Ducasse fell to the ground, and the homeless man grabbed the cellphone and fled from the scene. The teen was taken to the St. Barnabas Hospital, where he died from multiple stab wounds.