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New app allows women to get prescription for birth control pills without visiting doctor offices

By Mason White 3:29 AM June 21, 2016
Woman using smartphone (illustration) 

By: Mahesh Sarin
Women who find it difficult to visit their doctors to get prescriptions for birth control, can now get prescriptions through a mobile phone app.

Lemonaid Health, the operator of, is a simpler and faster way to get health care online.

Lemonaid offers quick and low cost prescription treatment for just $15 anytime without the hassle of appointments, waiting rooms or awkward video-conferences.

Its low price is making the service accessible to both patients with health insurance or among the 29 million who remain without it.

Patients are able to consult with a doctor online, and receive a prescription usually within minutes.

Lemonaid has already helped hundreds of patients across California and Pennsylvania, get easy access to birth control and treatment for urinary tract infections (UTI), sinus infections, acid reflux (GERD), hair loss, erectile dysfunction, and the flu, and is about to launch services in Michigan and New York.

Even though more people than ever have health insurance, actually finding a doctor quickly is still difficult.

Those seeking primary care with Medicaid, will have to wait a median of two weeks to be seen, and things aren’t much more convenient for the privately insured.

Lemonaid users can quickly complete simple health questions anywhere from their smartphones or computers, get prescriptions for their medicines sent to any pharmacy, and then text their doctors with any questions.