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Man brutally beats his dog and slashes face of good Samaritan who tried to rescue the pet

By Mason White 10:04 AM June 21, 2016
The suspect with his dog 

By: Tanya Malhotra
Police in New York, released a disturbing video, showing a man abusing his dog while his friend watched and did not stop him.

Police are searching for the two men and are asking anyone who recognizes them to call detectives.

The incident occurred at 6:40 p.m., in front of 860 Targee Street in Staten Island.

The video shows one of the men hitting the dog, which was on a leash, and then allegedly cutting a good Samaritan across the face when he tried to intervene and rescue the pet.

The abuse began with the man hitting the big brown dog. He then pulled the dog up wildly by its leash and he beat the dog with it.

The man who accompanied him, had a white dog with him and did nothing to stop the abuse.

When a 32-year-old year-old man attempted to intervene and stop the attack on the animal, the suspect allegedly pulled out a knife and cut the good Samaritan in the face, causing a laceration over his eye.

The cowardly men then ran away from the scene.