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Drunk man drowns in front of his girlfriend after putting dog into river to see if it could swim

By Mason White 4:26 PM June 22, 2016
Dogs swimming in water (illustration) 

By: Feng Qian
A drunk man who wanted to see if his dog could swim, died in front of his girlfriend after drowning in a river, according to police in China.

The incident unfolded on Sunday morning, as the man and his girlfriend were walking their dog in Yuhang.

The man’s girlfriend, who was not identified, told police that her boyfriend tried to test their dog’s swimming abilities. The man, who was not identified, cradled the puppy and walked on a gas line that spanned the river.

He planned to place the dog in the water and scoop it out if it had problems swimming. However, the man lost his balance and fell into the river.

The dog managed to swim to shore while the man drowned.

People at the scene dragged the man out of the water and took him to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The girlfriend told investigators that her boyfriend was a good swimmer, but he had been drinking at the time of the incident.

The river is just 10 feet deep.