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Father suffers backlash over photos of his toddler sitting in his store refrigerator with closed door

By Mason White 9:40 AM June 22, 2016
The boy in the refrigerator 

By: Chan Yuan
A man is upset after photos of his son sitting in a refrigerator with closed doors went viral.

The single father of Taiwan, said that his life became miserable after photos of his young son sitting inside the cold refrigerator were shared as a joke.

The photos were accompanied by the caption: “I can’t afford to raise this child. Auction price starts at 0 yuan.”

Huang, who owns a small shop in Qingshui, said that the photos, some of which show the 2-year-old boy smiling, were taken by a friend without his permission.

The photos show the boy sitting behind the transparent refrigerator door with drinks behind him.

The child also seemed to be enjoying the experience, leaving social media users with mixed reactions, but with mostly negative comments.

The boy’s father, Huang, was accused of child abuse and of being an unfit father on social media.

After the friend posted the photos to social media, it went viral and people called police to investigate the alleged case of child abuse.

Huang, who is a single parent, said that his son likes to play in the store and he sometimes climb into the refrigerator by himself.

“I say no, but he does not listen,” Huang said. “One of my friends thought my son was cute and so he took a picture of him and published it online, as a joke,” he added.

Those close to Huang also confirmed that he is a good father and that the child is very attached to him as he is a single father.

No charges have been filed against Huang.