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Woman shoots naked man covered in feces after he broke into her home and hid in her closet

By Mason White 4:16 PM June 22, 2016
Gun (illustration) 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A man who was covered in feces, broke into a home before being shot in the stomach by the homeowner, according to police in Florida.

Ocala police said that 27-year-old Victor Alex Etherington, was rushed to a hospital with serious injuries after being shot in the stomach while hiding in the closet of a woman’s home.

The incident began when Etherington, knocked on the door of the 54-year-old woman’s home, demanding that she let him in.

Although the woman told him to leave, Etherington kicked in the door and chased her upstairs to her bedroom. That’s when the woman closed the door, called police and armed herself with a gun.

Etherington took off his dirty shorts and pushed his way into the closet, causing the homeowner to shoot him in the stomach.

When officers arrived, they found Etherington naked and hiding behind the door of the bedroom. Etherington was taken to the Ocala Regional Medical Center, where he underwent surgery.

He remains in the intensive care unit.