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New app helps bored travelers hook up with one another in airports and planes

By Mason White 3:34 AM June 24, 2016
Two women meet at airport using btrfly 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A new app was released aimed at frequent travelers who remain stuck at airports, and for those looking for new company during business trips.

The btrfly app currently covers 380 airports and is available for iOS and Android.

Users need to enter their flight details to sign into the app, and are then able to communicate with other travelers at the airport, obtaining information about them as to what city they are heading and what time their flight departs.

The app manages to connect air travelers in real-time and in real life. You can chat and meet up with people traveling on the same flight or someone just passing through the same airport.

The company promises that the app will make flying more social than ever before, and you will be able to share a drink or a cab.