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Mother calmly breastfeeds her baby moments after breaking her leg in motorcycle crash

By Mason White 6:05 PM June 23, 2016
Injured mother breastfeeding her child 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A young mother of Brazil, managed to breastfeed her hungry baby despite suffering severe pain following a motorcycle crash, according to a video that was uploaded to the Internet.

This video shows the mother with a twisted leg while her overturned motorcycle several feet away.

A group of people gathered and watched in amazement as the mother sat on the ground, breastfeeding her baby and comforting the child despite the severe injury to her leg.

The incident unfolded minutes after the mother crashed her motorcycle into a car. As a result of the collision, the mother broke her leg.

Luckily, the child was not injured. After several minutes, an ambulance arrived at the scene. The woman was treated and transported to a nearby hospital.

She is expected to make a full recovery.