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Store owner chases away bird after being caught stealing bag of potato chips

By Mason White 6:03 PM June 23, 2016
Bird stealing bag of potato chips 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A store owner in Scotland, recorded a video, which shows him chasing away a bird that stole a bag of potato chips.

Zaman Iqbal of Aberdeen, said that he has an ongoing problem with birds entering his shop, which sells newspapers, drinks and snacks.

This week, Iqbal grabbed his camera to record the moment the mischievous bird was trying to steal the bag of potato chips, which sells for one pound ($1.49).

Iqbal said that the birds show no fear, and hang around his 24-hour shop, waiting to seize the opportunity to swoop in on snacks.

Some of the birds do not make it very far into the store, but the one that was recorded managed to steal a bag of Golden Wonder BBQ Saucers.

The bird was clever, but fortunately, he managed to chase it away. The video shows that Iqbal yelled at the bird to drop the chips, and surprisingly, it complied with his order.

Iqbal added that even though the incident was funny, it is bit of a nuisance to customers. The store owner revealed that the best way to get rid of the birds is to run to them from behind, which scares them.