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Woman divorces paralyzed husband to marry his friend and together they take care of him

By Mason White 4:47 PM June 23, 2016
Xiping and Zongkui taking care of Xu Xihan 

By: Feng Qian
A loving couple of China, had their lives turned upside down when the husband became paralyzed.

People in the neighborhood thought that Xie Xiping, would leave her husband immediately, but they were wrong.

Xiping of Shaanxi, proved to be a devoted wife and mother to her kids.

She took care of her disabled husband and of their two children for seven years before things changed.

The husband, Xu Xihan, became paralyzed in a mining accident.

He repeatedly asked his wife to divorce him so that she can have a normal life rather than be burdened with a man who is unable to do anything for himself.

After seven years, she finally agreed to divorce her husband and marry his friend Liu Zongkui.

The newly married couple did not abandon Xihan. Instead, they moved him into their home and they take care of him full time.

Xiping and Zongkui had a baby boy of their own.