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Woman walks topless from Mississippi to Washington to show that breasts are just tissue hanging from the chest

By Mason White 4:40 PM June 23, 2016
Paulette Leaphart in Virginia 

By: Wayne Morin
A woman who survived breast cancer, decided to walk topless from her home to Washington, in order to show other survivors that there is nothing to be ashamed of showing off scars.

49-year-old Paulette Leaphart of Biloxi, Mississippi, said that thanks to her stunt, she already secured interviews with several lawmakers in Washington.

Leaphart explained that she is walking topless to change the world’s definition of beauty.

She wants women to understand that they are still alive after losing their breasts to cancer, saying that breasts are simply tissue hanging off the chest.

Breasts are not a symbol of womanhood or femininity, Leaphart said. She hopes to inspire other survivors with her 1,000-mile topless walk.

One cancer survivor said that she was inspired by the walk not to be ashamed of her scars. Sheron Poole survived breast cancer once.

On Tuesday, Leaphart took a break and joined Poole at the doctor’s office to get the results of her latest tests. Poole has just discovered that her cancer came back.

Leaphart said that she is campaigning to make cancer treatment more affordable so that patients do not need to choose between a roof over their head or treatment.

Several legislators have already said that they are willing to listen to Leaphart.