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Devoted father praised after getting tattoo to match his son’s surgery scar following brain cancer diagnosis

By Mason White 10:38 AM June 24, 2016
Josh and Gabriel Marshall 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A father in Kansas, has decided to get a tattoo on his head to match the scar of his 8-year-old son who suffered from brain cancer.

28-year-old Josh Marshall said that his son, 8-year-old Gabriel Marshall, was embarrassed because of the large scar on his head following surgery to remove the tumor from his brain.

Gabriel was very self conscious about the scar as he felt people were looking at it. In order to help his son, the devoted father decided to get a tattoo that looks exactly like his son’s scar.

Now, Gabriel of Hutchinson, tells people that he and his father look like twins.

Josh said that since he got the tattoo, people stopped staring at his son and direct their gaze at him instead. Josh took a photo of his tattoo and son’s scar, and entered into an image competition run by the St. Baldrick Foundation.

55 parents shaved their heads in support of children with cancer, and submitted the photos in order to win the competition.

So far, the father and son photo received more than 5,000 votes and stand at first place. Gabriel is doing well. Although a small portion of the tumor remains, it has not grown.

He receives scans once every three months, with his next MRI scheduled for next week.