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Nike recalls short dresses sold to Wimbledon tennis players as they are too revealing

By Mason White 3:00 PM June 24, 2016
Tennis player wearing short Nike dress 

By: Chan Yuan
Nike has announced that it is recalling the Wimbledon dresses that are worn by the female tennis players as they kept lifting up and revealing the women’s underwear.

The recall was announced after the company has received many complaints from players regarding the dresses flying above the waist while playing tennis.

The layers also revealed that the had difficulties focusing on the game as they were busy holding their short dresses down.

Nike said that the dress designs were approved by the organizers at the All-England Club, but they realized that there was a problem during the first game as the women were revealing too much skin.

Tennis player Katie Boulter used a special belt to keep her short dress in place during a game, while Lucie Hradecka put on leggings under her dress to feel more comfortable.

Nike promised that new dresses will be available before the start of the tournament next week.