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Soccer player kicked out in middle of game for farting

By Mason White 2:35 PM June 24, 2016
Adam Lindin Ljungkvist 

By: Chan Yuan
A soccer player of Sweden, said that he was shocked to be kicked out in middle of a game for farting.

25-year-old Adam Lindin Ljungkvist, who plays for the Jarna SK team, was heard farting loudly during a match against the Pershagen SK team before being ejected from the game by the referee.

Referee Dany Kako said that he decided to kick out the player because of his deliberate provocation and unsportsmanlike behavior.

Ljungkvist defended his action, saying that he suffered from stomach pain and had no choice but to release some wind.

Kristoffer Linde, who plays for the Pershagen SK team, said that the fart was very loud, and he has not seen anything like this since he started playing soccer at 8 years old.