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Rapper is shot and killed while driving away from peace rally

By Mason White 4:23 AM June 28, 2016
Tyriece Travon Watson 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) Police are looking for the suspect who shot a rapper while he was driving, causing him to crash in Maryland.

The rapper named Tyriece Travon Watson, who went by the stage name of Lor Scoota, was fatally gunned down in broad daylight on a busy intersection in Baltimore, police said.

Watson, 23, left a charity basketball game called for “Peace in the streets” when he was killed.

He was driving his car when an unknown black male wearing a white bandana walked onto the road and opened fire, Baltimore police said.

Videos of the scene shows his car crashing into a wall while a witness to the shooting was seen lying on the floor and crying uncontrollably a few feet away from the car.

Watson was taken to a hospital, but he died of his wounds.

Watson was a rising hip-hop star, and he had hoped to make a difference on Baltimore’s streets as an anti-violence activist.

This seemed to be a targeted shooting, Baltimore police spokesman T.J. Smith said. However, a motive was not yet established.

“A lot of young people knew him and looked up to him, and whatever he might have been doing in the past, it appears he was doing some things to change his life and use those experiences to help and empower young people in our city of Baltimore,” Smith said.

Watson posted his rap videos on YouTube, where they were viewed many times. In one video, he raps about the fact that he does not use guns in his videos.