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KFC meal boxes can now charge your cellphone

By Mason White 2:56 AM June 28, 2016
Woman charging her phone in KFC meal box 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) The new limited edition KFC Watt A Box in India, will not only fill you up, but also your smartphone, a company representative said.

Watt A Box is available for a limited time only in India.

It comes with food you can expect, including fried chicken. In addition to the fast food, the box holds and a phone charger for iPhone and Android devices.

The company released a video, showing a woman massaging her boyfriend on a phone when it suddenly powered off due to low battery.

Her boyfriend just asked her out on a date, but she was not able to respond. The woman then walks over to her KFC meal box, where she finds delicious food along with a phone charger.

She plugged in her phone, and within seconds she was able to accept her boyfriend’s offer.