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Woman wins $10,000 after Microsoft upgraded her computer to Windows 10 without permission

By Mason White 3:26 AM June 29, 2016

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A woman became very angry after Microsoft upgraded her computer to Windows 10, causing it to crash and work very slowly, according to court documents in California.

Now, a judge has ordered Microsoft to give $10,000 to Teri Goldstein of Sausalito, after the company upgraded the computer without permission.

At first, Microsoft appealed the verdict, but they later decided to drop it and gave the woman her money. Goldstein told the court that never heard of Windows 10 until her computer tried to install it.

The automatic update failed, and her computer became slow, it crashed sometimes, and was useless for days. She contacted Microsoft support, but they did not help her.

As a result, Goldstein decided to sue Microsoft for lost wages and the cost of a new computer.