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Teenager jailed for cheating on exams after bragging on TV

By Mason White 5:47 PM June 28, 2016
Ruby Rai 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) A teenager in India, was arrested after bragging on television about getting top grades on her exam.

17-year-old Ruby Rai of Bihar, was charged as an adult after it was uncovered that she cheated on her college exam.

Authorities became suspicious after the teenager was interviewed on television for finishing on top of her class for a very difficult exam on political science.

Rai was unable to answer many of the questions reporters asked her. She also referred to the class as “Pordigal science” instead of political science. She also said that some of the classes teach how to cook.

The Bihar School Examination Board ordered Rai to retake the exam, and when she failed, she was arrested.

The move to charge her as an adult has caused controversy in the region with many saying she should be sent to a juvenile detention center because of her age.

Others are demanding that the girl should be free, and instead, her parents should be charged because they are allegedly the ones who conspired with the officials from her private college to allow the girl to pass with top grades despite her not knowing anything.

Senior superintendent of the Bihar police, Manu Maharaj, said that Rai is among 18 students who were arrested.

Some school officials were also arrested. Investigators said that the school and other officials were allegedly charging large sums of money in exchange for giving the students better test scores.

The video below is the interview with Rai that led to her arrest.