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Woman sues doctor after he said she cannot get pregnant but she gave birth

By Mason White 5:50 PM June 28, 2016
Lori Parson Cichewicz 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A woman is suing her doctor after he told her that it was not possible for her to get pregnant, but he was wrong.

Lori Parson Cichewicz of Michigan, is suing her doctor for wrongful conception after she gave birth to a baby with Down syndrome.

Cichewicz, who is now 50 years old, said that back in 2008, she went to her doctor to have her tubes tied.

However, her doctor said that her fallopian tubes were blocked, making it impossible for her to get pregnant. In fact, the doctor informed Cichewicz that she does not have to take any form of birth control.

However, only three years later, she became pregnant, and she gave birth to her daughter, Reagan, who has Down syndrome.

Cichewicz said that once she learned that she was pregnant, there was never a question of whether she would give birth to her daughter despite the fact that she is a special needs child.

The court ruled that Cichewicz can only sue the doctor for stress during the unplanned pregnancy, which occurred due to the doctor’s negligence.

However, she cannot sue for damages of having to raise a child with Down syndrome. Cichewicz said her daughter is “full of life, loving, kind and sweet.