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College student found naked inside abandoned suitcase after being raped by her roommate

By Mason White 2:36 PM June 29, 2016
Victim in suitcase 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) People in China, came to the rescue of a woman who was raped and left inside a closed suitcase.

The woman was stripped naked and raped by her roommate before being stuffed in a suitcase.

Passersby heard the victim crying for help from the abandoned suitcase on the college campus in Hunan. The suitcase was completely closed.

People said that they saw a male college student dragging the suitcase before it was abandoned with the woman inside.

The suspect jumped into a nearby lake in an attempt to escape, but he was caught an hour later.

A witnesses took video of the incident and uploaded it to the Internet. The video shows a man going to the suitcase and opening it.

However, when he realized that there was a naked woman inside, he asked female college students to help her in order not to embarrass her.

A man handed his shirt to the women so they can dress the victim before police arrived.

The suspect was identified as 23-year-old Pan. Police said that Pan lived with the victim and roommates. He attacked the victim at 7:20 p.m., and sexually assaulted her after finding her home alone. He then stuffed her into a suitcase and dragged her out of their apartment.

However, police believe that he abandoned the suitcase after people spotted him and the woman kept screaming from inside.

The victim suffered no major injuries. The suspect is being held by Xiangtan police.