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Man gets bitten by snake that was hiding under his pillow after slipping his hand under it

By Mason White 3:31 AM June 1, 2016
The snake hiding under a pillow 

By: Wayne Morin
A man was left with a bite after slipping his hand under a pillow and disturbing a sleeping snake, according to a snake catcher in Australia.

Matt Hagan of Queensland, said that he was called to a residence in Trinity Beach, on a report of a snake that bit a man who was getting ready to sleep in his bed.

The incident unfolded on Friday night.

“Jack from Trinity Beach was just getting comfortable beneath his sheets when he slipped his hand under his pillow and was bitten on the finger by the enormous spotted python sharing his bed.

“When I arrived, Jack’s wife was deciding whether it was more practical to burn the house down or move to New Zealand, and Jack looked like a man destined to get very little sleep over the coming nights.

“A closer inspection of the scene revealed a solid spotted python that had quickly taken up residence in Jack’s bedside drawer,” snake catcher Matt Hagan wrote on Facebook.

The couple’s daughter, Tayla-Jae Todd of the United Kingdom, said that her mother called to talk about the snake and she was very hysterical as if someone died.

“I thought someone had died, but in the end I died laughing,” Todd wrote on Facebook.