Restaurant offers Barbie doll wrapped in meat that customers undress while they eat

The Barbie doll with meat 
By: Chan Yuan

A restaurant is causing controversy over their meat covered Barbie dolls.

The restaurant in China, has caused outrage over their bizarre dish they are serving made of sliced meat wrapped on a plastic doll.

When customers are ready to eat the slices of meat, they have to peel it off the doll, completely exposing the female figure.

The meat is being served in a hot pot restaurant in Beijing.

The meat is served raw along with a pot that cooks the food.

The pot is hot and is filled with spices and flavorings, which make the meat taste great.

Photos of the dish has been shared on social media sites. Despite the fact that the doll in the photos is not a Barbie doll, the restaurant calls the dish “Barbie mutton dress.”