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12 men gang rape woman in front of husband before urinating on him and stealing cash

By Mason White 4:45 AM July 4, 2016

By: Wayne Morin
Police are looking to arrest 12 men on a charge of rape after allegedly gang raping a woman in front of her husband, according to police in Kenya.

Kakamega police said that the group of men also urinated on the woman’s husband and stole his cash before fleeing from the home.

So far, no arrests have been made. According to the victims, the 12 suspects broke into their home on Tuesday. The armed men tied up the husband, and then took turns raping his wife in front of him.

The man told police that it was a horrible sight to see. The husband claims that the criminals demanded 300,000 in cash or he and his wife would be killed.

The men then found 52,000 in cash in the home. Before the suspects left the couple’s home, they urinated on the husband.

The couple is planning to move away from the area as they fear for their lives.