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Beggar with ‘no legs’ busted after passerby pulled his pants down and exposed his legs

By Mason White 2:52 AM July 4, 2016
The beggar 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A beggar in China, was busted after pretending to be handicapped.

In a video that was uploaded to the Internet, a passerby was seen walking up to a beggar who was collecting money while he was lying on a board with wheel.

The beggar appeared to have had both legs amputated. However, the passerby realized that the “handicapped man” had an unusual bulge in the back of his pants.

The passerby decided to pull off the beggar’s pants to show that he really has legs, but hid it as a way to get people to feel bad for him and give him money.

The beggar tried to escape as a crowd of people gathered to witness the passerby stripping him.

Finally, the passerby managed to pull the beggar’s pants down and exposed his legs, which were tucked in his baggy underwear.

The passerby was heard shaming the beggar and calling him a cheater as the beggar used his hands to wheel himself away from the crowd.