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Chicken eats private parts of teen who cut off manhood to lead righteous life

By Mason White 4:48 AM July 4, 2016
Chicken (illustration) 

By: Feng Qian
A teenager in Kenya, was rushed to a hospital after cutting off his private parts because he wanted to lead a righteous life, according to police in Kenya.

18-year-old Timothy Ofwaya of Navakholo, cut off his manhood because it disturbed him.

After cutting off his manhood, a chicken grabbed and ate it.

Ofwaya was rushed to the Bushiri Health Centre, where he was treated. Joel Kuyo, who is a doctor at the Bushiri health Centre, said that he did the first part of the treatment.

Ofwaya was then transferred to Kakamega County General Hospital, for further treatment. Ofwaya remains under 24 hour observation as doctors fear he might hurt himself,

Ofwaya told doctors that his manhood used to bother him and that is why he decided to cut it off. He believed that his manhood was the reason why women rejected him all the time.

He admitted to using a razor blade to cut off his manhood. The fate of chicken that consumed the manhood is unknown.