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Clever teenager gets justice by stealing half-eaten chocolate bar from his kidnapper

By Mason White 3:29 AM July 4, 2016
Cadbury’s Wispa bar 

By: Feng Qian
A teenager, who was kidnapped at knifepoint, got justice by stealing his attacker’s half-eaten chocolate bar.

Judge Simon Drew sentenced 18-year-old Mohammed Islam, to eight years in prison after DNA from a Cadbury’s Wispa bar implicated him.

Prosecutors said that Islam, lured a 19-year-old vulnerable man to an apartment complex, where he covered the victim’s head with a bag and imprisoned him for three hours, with the help of a female accomplice.

The court heard how Islam, waved a knife in the teenager’s face and threatened to kill him unless his family handed over £300 ($398) in cash.

The defendant humiliated the victim by telling him that he was worthless, a waste of space and pathetic, the court heard.

Islam ordered the teen to call his family for money. Islam grabbed the phone from the teen and threatened his father that he will kill his son if he did not hand over the money.

The victim’s father transferred £150 to his son’s bank account. However, Islam was not happy with the amount of money and he ordered the teen to call his boss and friends to ask for more.

They thought the teen was joking so they ignored his request.
During his three hours of suffering, the victim managed to steal Islam’s half-eaten Wispa bar.

The DNA from the chocolate bar proved that Islam was behind the attack. Islam pleaded guilty to robbery, false imprisonment and blackmail, and was jailed for 8 years and three years probation.

An attorney for Islam said that he was abandoned by his family and he was placed in several foster homes as a child.