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Woman who calls herself ‘A-Bus-Full-of-Retards’ crowned ‘Miss Hitler 2016’

By Mason White 5:31 PM July 3, 2016
Miss Hitler 2016 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A young good-looking woman who is a member of the National Action party of Scotland, was crowned “Miss Hitler 2016.”

The woman, who identified herself as “A-Bus-Full-of-Retards,” was named the winner of the contest after posing for photos while giving the Nazi salute.

The contest was held by the radical youth movement “National Action.” After winning the contest, the woman, who has long brown hair, said that she dedicated her life to the far right group.

She also enjoys reading, surfing and watching the Reds lose.

In photos that were uploaded to the website of the National Action group, the woman can be seen wearing a skirt and a shirt with the National Action logo on it.

In each picture, her face is half covered with a black scarf with a picture of a skull, and in some she is seen giving the Nazi salute.

The woman believes that the Jews are the enemy. She admits that she had lost her friends because of her opinions. When asked who she would like dead, she replied: “Angela Merkel,” who is the Chancellor of Germany.

National Action held the contest to show the world their views and give the female members an opportunity to share their reasons for becoming part of the group.