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Doctor rapes women in Rikers Island prison and showers them with fried chicken and cigarettes

By Mason White 10:24 AM July 4, 2016
Fried chicken (illustration) 

By: Wayne Morin
A doctor was slapped with a lawsuit after being accused of raping several women who were locked up at the Rikers Island prison, according to court documents in New York.

The lawsuit was filed by three women in the Manhattan federal court, accusing Sidney Wilson of rape, sexual assault and abuse that occurred over a period of two years.

By law, prisoners cannot consent to sex, rendering all sexual activity as rape. The women told the court that Wilson gave them Popeyes chicken, candy, gum and cigarettes in exchange for sex.

He also gave them prescription medication, which some women used to sell to other inmates. Wilson told all the women that he loved them, and even deposited cash into their prison accounts.

One woman said that when she asked Wilson for a skin cream, he replied: “What are you willing to do for it?” The woman later told a prison guard that having sex with Wilson in exchange for items seemed to be a fair exchange.

Another woman asked Wilson to give her a sex toy. Wilson is no longer allowed to visit Rikers Island.