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Elderly couple dies in suicide pact one week after their beloved dog was euthanized due to old age

By Mason White 2:12 PM July 4, 2016
Elderly couple (illustration) 

By: Wayne Morin
An elderly couple of the United Kingdom, died in peace and in the comfort of their own home.

David Brittain, 86, and his wife Bridget, 84, of Devon, took their own lives just one week after their elderly dog was put down due to its advanced age.

David, who was a retired Royal Navy Commander, and his wife, carried out a suicide pact 5 years after becoming members of a suicide group called Exit, which gives people information on how to commit suicide.

The two, who were together for the last 65 years, decided to end their lives together.

Their daughters, Susan Keeling, 57, and Judith Thompson, 59, said that their parents had been talking about ending their lives together for five years.

However, they stopped talking about it about 18 months ago.

The exact trigger for their decision to take their lives at this point is not known.

However, their children said that the couple’s elderly dog named Tink, had to be put to sleep one week ago.

They also found evidence that their father fell in the home. They speculate that when their mother was unable to lift him up, the couple, who wanted to be independent, decided to end their lives.

An inquest heard that the couple used “suicide bags” to end their lives at the same time.