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Four truck drivers get together to steal food during deliveries to Publix supermarkets

By Mason White 5:58 PM July 4, 2016
The four suspects 

By: Wayne Morin
Four truck drivers were arrested for stealing food from their trucks while delivering it to Publix supermarkets in Florida.

The four men drove semi-trailer trucks for the Florida Beauty trucking company. They were transporting the goods to a Publix warehouse at 777 SW 12th Avenue in Deerfield Beach.

Two security workers at Publix, became suspicious after noticing a pattern of missing food.

They decided to follow one driver. They soon noticed him meeting up with the other three drivers, said detectives.

Security employees took video of their meeting and witnessed the men taking boxes of lobster, shrimp, ribs and other foods out of the four trailers, and they placed it into their cabins, police said.

They stole about $3,532 worth of food during that incident. Police recovered the food, but they were no longer safe for use and were discarded.

Police arrested Jorge Gonzalez, 60, Cancio-Quintero, 44, Wilde Dominguez-Valderrama, 43, and Jorge Diaz, 44.

They were charged with grand theft and vehicle burglary.

Dale Miller, who is the attorney for all four men, argued that “they had access to the cargo container. They had permission to go into the container. The allegation that they went into it at an improper time does not rise to the level of a burglary.”

However, Assistant State Attorney Eric Linder told the judge that every truck has a security seal, which was to be removed by an employee of Publix when the goods reached the warehouse and therefore, the drivers were not granted access.

“Once that seal is in place, the only person with legal authority to enter that portion of the truck is someone at the receiving location and a Publix employee,” Linder said.