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Father accidentally shoots and kills son at the ‘world’s safest gun range’ where kids shoot for free

By Mason White 1:54 PM July 5, 2016
Stephen J. Brumby 

By: Feng Qian
A boy lost his life at a gun range, which was named two years ago as “the safest gun shooting range in the world.”

14-year-old Stephen J. Brumby was practicing with his family when he was accidentally shot and killed by his father.

His 24-year-old brother and his 12-years-old sister witnessed the shooting. Stephen is the fourth of seven children.

William Clayton Brumby was at the High Noon Guns in Sarasota, Florida, when he accidentally shot his son Stephen.

Police said that “after firing a round, the spent shell casing struck the wall causing it to deflect and fall into the back of the father’s shirt.

The father then used his right hand, in which he was holding the handgun, in an attempt to remove the casing. While doing so, he inadvertently pointed the firearm directly behind him and accidentally fired.”

The bullet his son. The boy was taken to a hospital but doctors were unable to save his life.

The family set up a GoFundMe page where they were looking to collect $10,000 and they have already received over $16,125.

High Noon Guns has a poster showing a young girl holding a rifle with the words “properly trained kids don’t have accidents.” The company has since removed the poster from Facebook.

They also allow children under 14, who are accompanied with an adult to shoot for free.