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Man publicly asks his wife and mistress to get along because he deserves it

By Mason White 4:37 PM July 5, 2016
Lonnie Turner, Tammy M. Arrington-Turner and Helen Yancy 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A man has caused outrage with his outlandish public request from his wife.

Many people have called the husband disrespectful after he posted photos of his wife and lover on Facebook.

Lonnie Turner of Texas, is married to Tammy M. Arrington-Turner, and they have children together. He also hangs out with his mistress Helen Yancy.

Lonnie posted a photo of his wife in a smart business outfit next to photo of his mistress, posing in a bikini on a beach. He wrote that he wants the two to stop feuding, saying: “These two better learn to get along. I work extremely hard, and I think I deserve to have everything my little heart desires. Why have a cake and can’t eat it??? I want multiple cakes!”

Lonnie also included the hashtags #Wife, #Chic, #BestOfBothWorlds alongside his status.

While many people don’t like the way Lonnie is playing both women, others praised him for being honest with both women, and said that either woman could choose to leave him at any time.