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28-year-old woman makes dress out of donated pubic hair and keeps it in 13-year-old son’s room

By Mason White 6:02 PM July 5, 2016
Sarah Louise Bryan wearing dress made of pubic hair 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A young designer in the United Kingdom, created a bra and skirt entirely out of pubic hair.

28-year-old Sarah Louise Bryan of Wakefield, said that it took six months to collect the pubic hair for the dress.

While making the dress, she kept it in her 13-year-old son’s bedroom. The dress is made up of other people’s hair, which were donated to Bryan over the course of six months.

Bryan revealed that she got the idea from people on social media sites. She posted a message on social networks, calling on people to donate their pubic hair and other body hair if they wished.

Bryan received thousands of responses, with people wishing her luck in her new project. Bryan said that she made the pubic hair dress in order to rise above Lady Gaga, who once wore a meat dress to a concert.

While making the dress, Bryan used protective gloves. She also began to wear a mask to cover her face and eyes after she nearly vomited.

Bryan became famous after creating a dress from 3,000 Skittles candy.