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Abusive man attempts to cause wife to be blind and deaf so she can’t hear or see her newborn baby

By Mason White 1:31 PM July 6, 2016
Prosper Lynn Uchitel before and after, Aaron Steven Uchitel 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A man severely abused his wife while holding her captive for two days.

23-year-old Prosper Lynn Uchitel gave birth to her baby boy named Ari, just two weeks ago.

However, her husband, Aaron Steven Uchitel, seemed to be jealous over the relationship between the mother and son, and he attempted to cut that tie.

The abusive husband held her captive and tortured her for two days. She was drugged, brutally beaten and sexually assaulted by her husband. He also cut off large chunks of her hair.

Her mother, Fawn Ortega, became concerned after she was unable to contact her daughter for two days.

Ortega went to her daughter’s home, but Aaron did not allow her inside. Ortega said that she fought her way inside and was horrified to find her daughter with a very swollen face, black eyes and very swollen lips.

She immediately called police and an ambulance.

Prosper Lynn told her mother that her husband poked her eyes repeatedly in an attempt to blind her, saying that he does not want her to be able to see her baby.

Ortega said that her daughter cannot see well since the attack.

According to the young mother, her husband poured boiling water in her ears to destroy them so that she cannot hear her baby crying.

Aaron was arrested on charges of aggravated battery, false imprisonment and cruelty to children.

Prosper is currently hospitalized and her son is being cared for by her family.

Ortega wrote a Facebook post about the incident. She said that the family will change her daughter’s name back from Uchitel to Ortega.

She also wrote: “Please know that Aaron’s family is outraged and want nothing to do with him, his adoptive mother, Judie Uchitel, has assured me of this.

“Aaron Uchitel’s family is wonderful and loving, and they are sickened by his actions.”

Ortega posted graphic photos on Facebook, per her daughter’s request. “Prosper wants the world to know what domestic violence looks like,” Ortega said.

The family set up a GoFundMe account with a goal of collecting $100,000. They have already received $80,457 in donations with a lot of warm wishes for her recovery.